About Travel Beautiful

Travel Beautiful is a luxury touristic brand made by women for women. We believe,  that nowadays women need a special treat, especially travel-treat.  Nowadays challanging, multitasking lifestyle calls for quality leisure experiences. Travel Beautiful is committed to research the most exciting feminin travel themes and tailor them to your needs - creating unique luxury holidays for women.


We are looking for innovative methods around beauty, health, body-mind balance  - and  connect them with luxury travel experiences around the world. Let´s explore the world to be more beautiful and satisfied. We invite you to enjoy yoga and ayurveda retreats, fashion weeks, makeovers, shopping trips and beauty treatments  – wherever you come from! The beauty is coming from inside, so we will look after your inner balance and give you the support to follow this by external extentions – by nature or beyond. We can do it - you only travel beautiful!


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Tel: +44 1733592012   |   travelbeautiful@yourescape.org

travel beautiful luxury travel for ladies
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