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3 nights/4 days beauty cruise in Palma de Mallorca (extention is possible)


Your beauty trip to Palma consists of following programs:

  • Consultation and treatment with Dr. Ventura

  • Pofessional Make-up artist and hairdresser

  • Fashion highlights - private shopping with stylist

  • Dinner and night out


Participants: from 1 - 4 persons

Accommodation: in a luxury apartment, villa or hotel - depending on the number of participants and travel period.

Meals: daily breakfast, 1x dinner

Inclusions: accommodation, medical consultation, 1x professional make-up, 1 professional hair styling, half day yacht excursion, personal concierge service during the entire stay.  


Price**: from 660 EUR per person for 3 nights inclusive taxes in case of double occupancy.

**flights are not included

***the price of the medical treatments is not included - depends on the result of the consultation.



*The consultation with your doctor will start already before your booking – according to your photos and wishes you will receive the suggested methos of therapy/therapies along a cost plan.

*All treatments are performed in certified beauty clinics by experienced world class doctors and their staff. You will receive entire descriptions of the method, applied materials, pros and cons before your booking.

*Travel Beautiful acts as a mediator and not a service provider of medical services.

Enjoy your age and rejuvenate


Be the Mallor-Queen

The beauty of the mediterranean women is famous. Possibly the high percentage of vitamine D during the whole year, delicious fruits, fresh vegetables, the palms... the life is just easier. Here seems like the world is turning around the beauty. High standard services in beautiful natural environment are tempting us to celebrate the beauty.


Modern medical services offer easy and pleasant way for all ages.


Beauty Xtreme

This is the ultra booster with combining 3 treatments, making dramatical, yet natural effects – correcting softly the problem zones.

In the first part the already well know botox will relax your muscles and removing wrinkles – mainly the expression wrinkles areas between the eyebrows, in the forehead and eyes crow´s feet.

The second part, the Radiesse (calcium hydroxyapatite) which is a dermal filler for eliminate wrinkles and folds. Radiesse beside of the great rejuvenating effect is popular also for its ability to stimulate the production  of collagen in the skin and improves long-term quality.

The third part will be the hyaloronic acid treatment to fill remaining  wrinkles and volumize the face.

Beauty Xtreme is a facial rejuvenating designed for mature skin, form the age of 40.

Face modeling

Is there anyting on your face you wanted always change or make it better? Face modeling is a great fine tuning, also for younger patients, to look more attractive. Face modeling radiesse includes 3 vials of 30 magical threads, PDO and Jalupro sessions – devided in 3 parts. After the threatment you will be more radiant than ever!

Radiesse is a filler thermal cloaking wrinkles and creases in more mature skin. For young patients is used for fill cheekbones or to correct a curved or nose tip falling. In addition, creates volumes wherever they want. Radiesse is boosting your natural collagen creation. Right after the treatment you will find you skin smooth and soft. Mainhile, tension wires polidioxnoma are kind of very fine thread that infiltrats the skin and promote the natural collagen and elastin production.

Finally the Jalupro is a powerfull product that helps rejuvenate the face as it is composed of hyaluronic acid, collagen and other essential amino acids that help skin rejuvenation.

The combination of these three products are achived spectacular results – more defined and young face in just 3 sessions.

Sculpt face

50 is the new 40! This treatment is using the revolutionary Sculptra, which is rejuvenating the face and keeps results over 2 years. Sculptra is a biocompatible product, does notcause rejection, is biodegradable, eliminated naturally,  immonulogically inert. The effects hold from 18 to 24 months.

How does work Sculptra? This product infltrates subcutaneously or intradermally and from trhee tissues and stimulates collagen creation. To ensure the best results, let it work for 2-3 weeks between the sessions. We recall, that Sulp Face includes a vial of Sculptra in each session.

The final results you will see after 20 days after each session. Then you will notice, that wrinkles are filled, sneakier grooves and cheeks or other areas have much more volume.


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Travel Beautiful in Palma
Travel Beautiful in Palma
Travel Beautiful in Palma

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