The body designer 


has never been so pleasant


2 weeks lifestyle program in a beautiful villa – you learn to change your lifestyle, to reach your ideal weight (during this vacation you can lose 3-5 kg guaranteed depending on your current weight)

We dont let you suffer under lack of food or extremely hard exercise just to reach the goal (and what we are guarantee you), but to teach you how to change your lifestyle for your ideal weight and to keep it without yoyo effect. It sounds fantastic, doesn´t it?


Your 2 weeks lifestyle holiday consist of 5 columns:

  • Learn about yourself and others

  • Learn about your body, metabolic processes and hormons

  • Learn the way how to treat them

  • Learn to eat to lose weight

  • Learn about how to combine all this new knowledges and integrate into your life

Lose weight and enjoy it


You have heard this so many times with promising the big change without any efforts. Many of us is suspicious with such wonder formula. With all right. However our method is not revolutionary, but unifying the most important rules and principles of weight management and teaching you how to use those in your daily life and estabilish a new lifestyle which you can harmonize with your family, job and even with your favourit cuisine. Our 2 weeks lifestyle vacation shows you the way how to reach your aim.


If you follow the principals for further 10 weeks after your holidays you can lose weight until you reach your optimal one. This new lifestyle will help you to keep it for long time and be more happy and satisfied, strong woman with a big smile on your face every morning!


On your lifestyle vacation you will enjoy the great company of faboulous professionals as a nutritionist, doctor, life coach, trainer, yoga teacher, stylist, master chef. In the focous of their team work will be ONLY YOU.


This lifestyle holiday you can book in following destinations:

Italy - Tuscany/Umbria, Sicily, Sardinia, Amalfi, Rome

Croatia – Split

Spanien – Mallorca, Marbella

Austria – Tyrol, Salzburg


You will be accommodated in a luxury villa with full board in each destination – according to the chosen destination and season. This lifestyle holiday can be booked from 6 to up to 12 persons. The prices dont include the travel arrangement. Before we confirm your booking we need your medical report.



Itinerary | Accommodation | Prices


  • 14 nights luxury accommodation in double or single room base

  • Airport transfer - round trip    

  • private chef/14 days full board organic meals and all drinks according diet plan

  • 2 x day-excursions according to the destination offer  

  • Individual consultation with the personal trainer

  • Individual consultaton with nutritionist     

  • Individual consultation with life coach

  • Daily Yoga & Meditation as per the Doctor’s advice

  • Daily sport training accrording trainers advice

  • Individual consultation with stylist and make-up artist


Prices for 14 nights packages**:

4200 EUR per person with double occupation 

6800 EUR with single occupation 

inclusive taxes and fees.


**flights are not included

Possible dates:

14 nights in April, May, September, October


​Participants: from 6 - 12 persons



- Welcome Come-together at the pool

- On the first day individual consultations with experts in different themes - set up of indivudual program for the next 13 days

- daily morning yoga & meditation

- daily poolside talks together 

- daily light sport trainings

- daily life coach session

- 1 wellness day

- 1 beauty day

- 1 cooking course day

- Makeover with stylist and makeup artist

The Body Designer

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Villa Aurora Orasac (18).jpg

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