Facial Rejuvantation Break in Munich

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3 nights/4 days beauty cruise in Munich


Your short trip to Munich consists of following programs:

  • Consultation and treatment with Dr. Tschauder

  • Pofessional Make-up artist and hairdresser

  • Fashion highlights - visit Munich´s top fashion brands - VIP Shopping at Escada and MCM

  • Dinner and night out


Participants: from 1 - 4 persons

Accommodation: in a luxury city apartment or hotel - depending on the number of participants and travel period.

Meals: daily breakfast, 1x dinner

Inclusions: accommodation, medical consultation, 1x professional make-up, 1 professional hair styling, half day private guided city tour, personal concierge service during the entire stay.  


Price**: from 560 EUR per person for 3 nights inclusive taxes in case of double occupancy.

**flights are not included

***the price of the medical treatments is not included - depends on the result of the consultation.



*The consultation with your doctor will start already before your booking – according to your photos and wishes you will receive the suggested methos of therapy/therapies along a cost plan.

*All treatments are performed in certified beauty clinics by experienced world class doctors and their staff. You will receive entire descriptions of the method, applied materials, pros and cons before your booking.

*Travel Beautiful acts as a mediator and not a service provider of medical services.

Enjoy your age and rejuvenate


Oh, you look so relaxed!

You are drinking daily 3 liters of water, using vitamine boosters, high-end cosmetics, avoid sun and fight agains free radicals with the right nutrition? These are all necessary for a healthy life, but our personal youth is coded in the cells and genes.


Thanks God, the modern medicine has an arsenal of methods, which help on a soft way to slow down the ageing process. If there is wellness for the body, wellbeing for the soul, then has to be well aging too. This is part of the life of a modern self confident woman.


Maximize your Beauty at all age with Dr. Dirk Tschauder in the elegant beautification center in the heart of Munich. Dr. Tschauder is a specialist of Well-Aging, Body Shaping, Laser Medicine and Cosmetic Dermatology.

He is using a wide range of modern soft methods (without surgery) for a glowing face and stunning body.


Every age has it´s own charactheristic effects on the skin. From the age of 25 the skin aging process is faster. This is partly because less hyaluronic acid is produced in the body. At the end of 20ies first dynamic or mimic wrinkles can show up. However rather the prevencion is important in this age.

From 30ies the skin start to be persistent fatigue, which cannot be completely concealed with sufficient sleep, healthy food and quality cosmetics.

After 40 to 45 years occurs in the context of progressive aging processes at a most rapid loss of fullness and elasticity of the skin, as well as the sinking of the entire facial features.

In each age there is perfect method to slow down the ageing process, revitalize and rejuvenate the skin.

JetPeel is mixture of gas or air and salt water which will be ejected through various nozzles with supersonic speed and targeted to the affected areas. Your skin will not only deep cleaned, but enriched simultaneously with concentrated active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. JetPeel is not only suitable to reduce the depth of wrinkles or refresh the entire fache structure but you can improve large pore skin or stimulate hair growth.

Mesoglow is focusing on the application of an individual, high-effective vital substance cocktail on fine injections. This program is usually from 4 treatments at intervals of four weeks each and then from 2 refresh treatments annually, which should then stabilize and secure the result achieved.

Mesolift is able to reach even more. The focus of attention is the natural Hyaluron here. With age, the self-production of the Hyaluron decreases rapidly. This means  also, that the ability to bind water at skin level decreasing as well. You will find in the repertoire also the well known Botox for smoothening of deep wrinkles and various fillers (like Radiesse and Sculptra)  to make your face youthful voluminous.


3 Zones Rejuvenating

With a combination of different methods and treatmets you can reach a stunning result in rejuvenating the entire face concentrating on the 3 main areas – eyes, cheeks and lips.

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