Vintage shopping, arts, culture and lifestyle in Palermo

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Palermo, the secret gem for fashionistas


Palermo is our all time favourite in Sicily. Italy´s 5th largest city and it´s pictureque neigbouring villages on the coastline are full of surprise and the place to go for a great experience. The old town is tucked with historical and architectural highlights. It´s a great pleasure to walk on the streets with impressive buildings. Your private sight seeing will take you among others through the Quatro Canti from the 16th century or to the Palazzo dei Normanni from the 9th century. Every steps in Palermo will be an amazing discovery of the history. In Palermo you cannot avoid the culinaric delights. There are several traditional must-try dishes and the world famous ice cream. We have collected the best insider tipps for restaurants, street food spots, bars and markets to experience the best of Palermo.


Palermo is also a strategical point for modern and creative arts. This fills the ancient streets with young spirit and sparking lifestyle. Excellent boutiques and jewellery shops will chatch your attention. You will have a special appointment with Antonella, who is owner of a unique vintage shop, Mercurio in the heart of the city on 2 floors. The shop is considered as one of the few historic New Art shops of Palermo, protected by the superintendent of historical and cultural heritage. In the shop there are hand-picked clothes and accessories from the end of '800 up to the 80ies. Among the brands are the prestigious tailor houses of Palermo (House Stassi and Giovanna Valenti) or international ateliers like Chanel, Dior, Hermes, Yves Saint Laurent , Ferre, Ungaro, Valentino Garavani, Emilio Pucci, Lancetti, Gucci, Versace, Balenciaga, Givenchy. Important is also the extraordinary collection of vintage shoes new (Casadei, Emilio Schuberth, Colette, Mario Valentino, Sergio Rossi; Soraya). Mercury will be an amazing fashion and shopping highlight, which you will leave with your new darlings.


After exciting days in Palermo you will visit the coastal village of Mondello, which is approximately 20 km from Palermo away. This seaside gem has excellent white sandy beaches, amazing street food and beautiful vistas.


Day 1 - Fly directly to Palermo - your private transfer will await you on the airport and brings you to the chosen  accommodation. Later after your check-in meet your personal concierge for a welcome drink.


Day 2 - Meet Palermo - enjoy great sight seeing with your local guide. You will love this city with historical traces on every corner. Buildings, stories, people, arts and culture from many centuries ago. Your lunch will be the best street food of Palermo. On the evening you will have your vip reservation on a magnificent roof terrace of Palermo.


Day 3 - Your special shopping day - Private shopping in Mercurio Vintage - this amazing shop in the old town is full of treasures and fashion highlights. Surely you will come out with a big smile on your face with amazing treasures. After lunch you will be introduced  in further shops, jewelleries and fashion ateliers. After a succesful but echausting day you will have a gret dinner in a hip restaurant.


Day 4 - Queen of the hills - After breakfast you will pick up your special vintage car to explore  the beautiful countryside and costal area between Palermo and Bagheria with a funny picknick, beautiful views and authentic Sicily around.


Day 5- Day 7 - for the last 2 days you will move your base from Palermo to Mondello to enjoy the beautiful white sandy beaches and get a stunning suntan. You will stay in modern luxury apartment or villa close to the beach.

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Cathedral Luxury Apartment


Elegant 2 bedroom apartment in the heart of Palermo, just behind the Cathedral. Great base to explore this stunning city full of heart and charme.


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Participants: from 2 - 8 persons

Accommodation: in a luxury villa, apartment or hotel - depending on the number of participants and travel period.

Meals: on self catered base - option private chef or grocery servcie.

Inclusions: private airport transfer, accommodation, Palermo private guided sightseeing tour, 1 day excursion to Bagheria, picnic, vintage car per 2 persons, shopping guide, personal concierge service during the entire stay.  


Price**: from 1140 EUR per person for 7 nights inclusive taxes.

*no shopping is obligatory

**flights and mails are not included

***The above tour itinerary is a suggestion and we are happy to customize according your preferences and wishes.


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